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Our geometry is taught using the College Preparatory Mathematics program. CPM is a research-based curriculum that uses problem-based lessons and collaborative student study team strategies to make mathematics accessible to all students.

Our physics curriculum is based in Modeling Instruction . The Modeling Method organizes the course around a small number of scientific models with the use of guided inquiry to bring student learners to deep and lasting conceptual understanding and solid mastery of scientific skills.

Mathematics is an exact description of the miraculous nature of reality.
                         -Stephen Connelly
I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. - Albert Einstein

Interesting Mathematical Facts:

Pi controls the path of winding rivers from the Chippewa to the Mississippi. A river's meandering is described by its sinuosity--the length along its winding path divided by the distance from its source to where it empties into another body of water, as the crow flies. The average river has a sinuosity of about 3.14.